Frequently asked questions


what on earth is an escape room?

quite literally, it is a room. the room is full of puzzles and tasks - all based on a specific storyline. you and your team have up to one hour to work together to solve the mystery within the room and emerge victorious. 

why is yours any good?

the team at padlox are nerdy as heck and have put a lot of time and brain juice into making sure their game is unique, clever, story-driven and has puzzles to suit all tastes.  


what is the min/max team size?

min 2, max 6. Although there is a little flexibility - drop us a line.


how long does it take?

you might be locked in our escape room forevermore. Jokes: anything from about 30mins to an hour depending on how keen-as-beans you are  


how much does it cost?

£13-£20 per player depending on how many players per game - please see our bookings page.

i'm a nervous newbie, can you reassure me?

first of all we're WEll jel you've never done an escape room - you're going to have a blast! our room is designed to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves regardless of experience. our helpful hosts are on hand to give hints if needs be.

is there an age restriction?

nope but it might be a little tricky for under 12's. every team must be accompanied by at least one over 18 year old please.


how do i book?

great question! Click here!


what time should i arrive?

please arrive at the time you have booked. there will be a 10 minute briefing on arrival to get you pumped up and your game will start approx 10 minutes after your booked time, we often have back to back bookings so it is not always possible to 

accommodate latecomers - sorry!

can i arrive a little bit merry?

we very much encourage post game drinks and analysis but please don't get tipsy beforehand. you'll want your wits about you.


can i buy a gift card?

yes, just email and we'll sort you out.

how do i get there?

we are located at 37 bernard street, edinburgh, eh6 6hs. we are just off 'the shore' in leith - a totally fantastic area which you should explore if you're new around here. leith has free parking for all and about a million buses from the city centre.

any other questions? ask us here, or via